4 Important Mac Gaming Accessories You’ve Gotta Have

mac laptop with nintendo toys nearby

mac laptop with nintendo toys nearby

Gone are the days when gaming was just a hobby. Today, playing your favorite game over the Internet has become such a big business that no one can criticize the concept anymore. But this is only if you have the right accessories to use to play games such as World of Warcraft and Civilization. In this post, we tell you the must-have gaming accessories for Mac.

  1. A Good Mouse

One of the most important accessories for any MAC gaming computer is a perfect mouse. You’ll find it a little difficult to maneuver through tunnels if you have a slow device. You need a device that offers sleek design which will look ultra-cool when being used and even when they aren’t. While a good mouse won’t be your least expensive gaming accessory, it’s important if you want to take your game seriously. Whatever you do, make sure to get a light one.

  1. A comfortable gaming chair

Even with the best mouse in the world, if you don’t have the right gaming chair, it won’t amount to much. There are all manner of gaming chairs for all game rooms and all you need to do is to search on the internet or Pinterest. You can only get the best gaming experience when you have a comfortable chair. More details on which to pick at Get Games Go.

  1. Virtual Reality Goggle Glasses

This is an awesome gaming accessory that lets you experience the best of IMAX features and it comes backed with 100% money back guarantee. If you are a diehard gamer and want to experience top-notch gaming all the time, then you won’t afford to play without this pair of goggles. Its headset is built in such a way that it’s compatible with iPhone 6 and iPhone 6S and you can adjust it for blurry vision thanks to its resin lens.

  1. A good pair of headphones

What’s the use of buying a faster computer when you have poor headphones? However top-notch your computer is, it’s not going to serve any meaningful purpose if you can hear all the detail with sound. There are a number of top gaming headphones that you can pick, and one such headphone is Astro Gaming A50 Wireless with the Dolby Sound headset available at leading online stores like Amazon. When buying a headset, make sure that you go for those ones that are compatible not only with your gaming system but also your computer. If you want to be absolutely sure, you can go with only Apple approved hardware.


Computer games have become big business today. To really have a go at them, you need to have the latest accessories. With the simple but important Mac Gaming accessories above, you can be sure that your gaming will be much more enjoyable. Like most gaming enthusiasts, I’m sure you want the best experience of the game you are playing. Buying the perfect accessories will make your game far more fun.

What are the best game titles only available for Mac?


Millions of people enjoy playing games on their Mac computer. But one drawback is that Apple computers don’t always get the best games. There are compatibility issues to consider before getting started with these computers. What are the best game titles only available for Mac? Think through some of the purchases that people want to complete in good time. True fans of the Mac will want to take a look at these games. That can make them more aware of the great titles that are out on the market as well. These games are widely discussed as more popular than some might think overall.

Stardew Valley:

Gardening games might surprise a lot of veteran players with their depth. Stardew Valley is a recent release and can be played on Mac computers. People will take control of a sprite character and guide them through the game. Stardew Valley will test the skill set of any dedicated Mac fanatic out on the market. The crisp animation and great music are other big draws for people to consider over time. It is classified as a role playing game and one that features farming as the central theme. Practice these skills and go far in the game itself too.

Portal 2:

Image result for Portal 2:

The original Portal game was hailed as a masterpiece by a lot of fans out there. People genuinely wanted to give the game a try for themselves. The development team is Valve and that company is building a good name for themselves in all. Portal 2 represents a big step forward that everyone will want to review. There are all new features and people are making headway with that game overall. Share secrets with friends and develop an all new strategy that everyone wants to follow. Portal 2 is more popular than some might think when they start playing.


Image result for Minecraft:

The block style graphics in Minecraft are appropriate for the concept itself. Play the game on a Mac and enjoy incredible freedom of movement. Minecraft is more important than a lot of people realize overall. It represents a big step forward in the video game industry. Millions of devoted fans seem to appreciate the game details that gets seen in the game. Minecraft is important because of the new video game concepts being introduced. Fans can pave their own way and build incredible new structures. Construct castles and impress fans with the grandiose buildings being made.


Image result for Firewatch

The game was made by developer Campo Santo and seems to have made an impression. Firewatch integrates a lot of unique game attributes that everyone wants to explore in time. Developer Campo Santo is waiting to do their part when it comes to important game features. Firewatch allows the player to freely explore the environment as they see fit as well. The game is more important than some people might think on the whole. Developer Campo Santo is ready to discuss ongoing action that is included for the game itself. Firewatch is selling well among a devoted fan base out there.

The Latest Big Mac Game Releases

With the ongoing release of games we are usually spoiled for choices when it comes to deciding which one to purchase and play. We shall make your work easier, here are the top 5 games for Mac that have been recently released that you should definitely play.

Rise of the Tomb Raider

This is an action-adventure game from Feral Interactive released on the 4/13/2018. It’s a single player mode game that focuses on Lara and her Journey to the lost city of Kitezh and her clash with Trinity, a ruthless organization. Also throughout the game you’ll get to enjoy the various challenges Lara has to face to survive in the world. The game also has a new online co-op mode that lets you play it a friend.

Available in the Mac App stores for $29.99 and Its rated 17+, so for you to download it from the Mac Store you must be above 17 years as it entails violence, strong language blood and gore. The game requires a storage space of 31.6 GB and is very demanding in terms of your pc performance

Pillars Of Eternity II: Deadfire

This is a sequel to the first Pillars of Eternity developed by Obsidian entertainment that was released on 5/8/2018. This is a single player role playing game that follows as you pursue a rogue god while you captain your ship over the sea and as you explore the land.

The game requires a storage space of 21.5 GB and is fairly demanding when it comes to PC performance, it is rated 12+ as it entails some violence and is available from the Mac App store for $49.99

Total War Sagas: Thrones of Britannia

Strategic war game from feral interactive released on 5/24/2018. The game is available on various platforms for $39.99.

The game is set in 878 AD and gives you a chance to re-write a critical moment in history with a variety of playable factions, cultures and kings you must build a kingdom, expand and defend your territory.

Aragami: Nightfall

This is a stealth action game from Lince Works on the 6/5/2018. It focuses on two Shadow assassins who go after a mysterious alchemist to be able to bring back a long lost companion. The game is basically a campaign mode that puts your stealth skills to the test. The game has an online multiplayer mode that allows you to play with a friend.

The game is available for $9.99 on various platforms and requires 8 GB of space and is fairly demanding on your Mac’s performance.

Horizon Chase Turbo

This is an arcade racing game developed by Aquiris Game Studio and released on 5/15/2018. The game supports single player mode and brings back the old school split screen racing so you know you can invite your friends over to have a go on the racing track it also has an online. Horizon chase is appropriate for all ages and is available in store for $19.99, the game does not have too much system requirements and will definitely run smoothly on any Mac.

How to run PC-only games on your Mac

Technological advancement has brought numerous changes in the life of a modern gamer. One such change can be observed in the gaming industry for the video games where Mac has gain popularity among the modern users. People nowadays prefer to have Mac to the PC but the games are PC based. Thus, there needs to be a way or a conversion method in order to run PC-only games on the Mac. Given below are some of the tips, which can assist in providing a solution to the Mac users:

Individuals having Mac have various options to run PC-only games on the Mac. For example, they can install Steam, Origin, or Battle.net. The PC games stores usually have the Mac clients. It is very rare to have the Mac only games since all the games, which support Mac also, support Windows. However, PC-only games have been quite common.

Boot Camp is a Good Option

Boot Camp is one amazing way to solve this particular issue as it can assist in running these particular PC-only games on the Mac. It is possible for the Mac users to install the Windows via Boot Camp, which can assist them in gaining control over using the PC-only games such that they can use the Windows for playing the games. Installing the Windows through the Boot Camp would give an opportunity to the Mac users to take advantage from the different PC-only games.

Nowadays, many games have the Mac version available, unlike the past where the games were specific to PC only. However, it is wise to have the knowledge to run the PC-only games on the Mac. The virtualization software can also assist the modern individuals. Apart from the tips given above, a person can run PC-only games on the Mac. through numerous options, All one need to do is use the correct keywords on the search engine. In fact, there is a possibility of finding various tutorials, which would make the entire process easier.

However, there is a possibility that some Mac users might possess a small hardware, which can interfere with the previous option since Boot Camp takes the hardware drivers of Mac. Under such circumstances, Steam In-Home Streaming feature can play a significant role. The benefit of using this option is that the battery would not drain as quickly.

Use a Virtual Machine

Another option for the Mac users would the Virtual Machines. Technology is bringing new changes in the life of modern gamers. For a person who is not into video games and technology related ideas can feel alienated and this information might sound like a jargon, however, people having knowledge about the modern means of technology are likely to gain some valuable insight and they can also add an input. Sometimes some people know of means, which can be extremely valuable and since a majority seems to be switching towards Mac it appears that in future more games are going to work in all sorts of options whether it is Windows or Mac. One example: Parallels.

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